Minutes From “May 1st 2008 Coalition” Meeting, March 16, 2008

7 04 2008

Compañeras y compañeros, friends, sisters and brothers:

Thank you and a round of applause to all who were able to attend. The show of solidarity and collaboration from all groups and individuals who attended was truly inspiring. Below you will find the minutes from today’s meeting, as we discussed today, to review with your respective groups, collectives and organizations. Please note, especially, the “points of unity” that were discussed today.

Please review the points of unity with your group and send comments and suggestions to sdmay1st2008 (at) yahoo (dot) com as soon as possible (no later than March 30).

Thank you again, and we look forward to working with all of you in the collective effort to build a powerful and meaningful march this May Day, 2008.


1. Introductions of all present.

2. Break off into three smaller groups to discuss the particulars of May 1 for this year. Discussion focused on the message of May First, the route and time of the march. The following ideas were put forth:


The Points of Unity / focus of May Day 2008 from all three groups were largely in unison with each other. In particular, these are the points of unity that were suggested by the three groups:
Group A:
-Common humanity
-stop dividing families
-Dignity for all working people
-Promote economic justice, stop forcing people to
migrate: repeal NAFTA
-Solidarity with workers internationally
-no to the militarization of the border
-stop raids and deportations
-pressure the presidential candidates

Group B:
-Stop the War in Iraq
-The right to a quality, relevant education
-Legalization now
-Stop the raids
-Stop separating families
-Revoke NAFTA

Group C:
-The right to dignified work for all
-The right to migrate
-The right to a just and equitable education
-Unity, solidarity among all people
-Black-Brown Unity
-Stop the raids and deportations
-No militarization of the border
-If any students decide to go forward with a walk out,
we should defend their rights and provide them with
any help if they should need it

As we discussed, the points of unity proposed by Group C seem to encompass the principles of all three
discussions. Please discuss these points with your group , emailing sdmay1st2008 (at) yahoo (dot) com with any comments or suggestions.

Keep in mind, these are the points of unity that unite all our respective groups. Under the umbrella of May
First, of course, each of our groups will bring its own particular focus and message, bringing the awesome
diversity that we saw at our meeting Sunday morning.


All groups independently discussed calling for the march to begin around 2:30 or 3:00 pm in front of City
College and marching down Broadway to Pantoja Park (like last year). This is an ideal time to bring in students as well as send a strong message, as Broadway will be shut down at rush hour. From Pantoja park, we will march further to meet up with the Asamblea Popular being organized by the Raza Rights Coalition
(scheduled to begin at 5:30pm). Altogether, we would see a unified, coordinated day of action extending
from 2:30 – 7:30pm (mas o menos).

Please discuss this proposal with your individual groups.

All three groups came back together and shared the ideas that were discussed; these ideas were largely in
concert with each other.

We discussed having one flyer that we will all use to promote May First. Yolanda, a local artist and
member of the Si Se Puede Organization, has volunteered to produce an image for this flyer. Please send your ideas for what the best image would be (even links to photographs, etc.) to the sdmay1st2008 email address.




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